Opinions On May Fair 2015

Hey penguins!

I have really great opinions on: May Fair 2015 that’s happening now, on Club Penguin.

My review on this month’s party is really, really great. I’ve pointed out the most fun things at this month’s fair.

My rating of this party (May Fair 2015): 9/10

Mini-games – amazing, rides come to the island!

This month’s party, brings back old memories of the olden Club Penguin by the amazing, new mini-games that fills the island.


Puffle Paddle is a really fun game to play! It gets super, hard when 3 puffles come in the round to make things                       ugly!

Rating: 3.9/5.0 – really fun mini-game!


Guess what.. SUPER HERO BOUNCE comes back! I really love this game because it has a wonderful,                                  objective. You have to collect the crystals to get tickets! It’s a hard, to be honest. 😛 Fast Fact: this game was at                    the Superhero Takeover 2013 and 2013.

Items and emotes – they look cool!


The items look really amazing! I love that, Gemma Gal and Shadow Guy has a new design. 🙂 I also love that, you can transform into: Wolves, crabs, dragons and robots. Guess what! There is a lot of non-member items, as well.

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I really love the pixel, smile! Well, the clown looks creepy.. 😮

That’s all I loved! Well, forgot to mention the amazing, rides! 😀

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Thanks for a great party, Club Penguin!

Waddle on!

– Osenry